I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without Wendy. Not only has she healed my body in ways that regular doctors couldn’t, but every time I see her I learn something new (she has great insights) and I walk away feeling as relaxed as after a vacation. Over the years I have probably referred 20+ people to her and they all rave about her
Wendy is the best! When you go to Wendy you get acupuncture, massage and amazing healing wisdom all at once. I have tried other acupuncturists but none of them offer me the full package in the way Wendy does. I have seen her for years and cannot recommend her more highly.
I remember, vividly, leaving after my first visit with Wendy – it was though I was floating through the streets of Cambridge, deeply energized and soothed all at once. Initially I was interested in her skills as an acupuncturist and was pleasantly surprised to find that she stays with you throughout the treatment to give just the right amount of massage in exactly the places you need it. Wendy is truly gifted and each person I have referred to her has agreed with me!
Wendy has been an invaluable resource in my healing process. I never felt comfortable with the more traditional approaches to therapy and healing, but I was immediately drawn with Wendy’s style. Her kind and gentle nature, coupled with her ability to truly “see” me, gives me the space and confidence to be myself and honestly examine situations and feelings. It never ceases to amaze me how she can sense what I need to explore and address at any given session. I always feel renewed when I leave her.
I’ve attended three of four Transformative Shamanic workshops and can say, hand on heart, that I’m transforming in important ways. I’ve learned so much about myself and about the Shamanic process by attending these workshops. Wendy and Linda are a tremendous pair of Shamanic leaders and I recommend it to anyone ready to take this important journey.
I just knew that I had to attend this workshop, I catch up on the third one and I hope to be the there for the fourth one, what an amazing energy emanating out this group of courageous warriors, woke up in me all that was dormant Wendy and Linda complement each other and share a world of knowledge with us. The gifts that every single one of the sisters of my tribe as Suzanne point out are as different and unique as every single one of them. Can’t wait to meet with you soon, my special Sisters!! Much Love and Blessings!!
-Maria Cordeiro-
I’ve attended all three workshops and have found them to be powerful and indeed, transforming. Linda and Wendy are gifted teachers and healers. As Maria and Suzanne have stated, it is also a wonderful group of people with whom to be doing this work. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again and to another amazing weekend!
-Jennifer -
I have been Wendy’s patient (and she has become a confidant and friend) for over 6 years. Her amazing knowledge of the body and its system and her skills as an acupuncturist/massage therapist/craniosacral therapy are beyond just words that point to her gift and power as a true healer. Wendy has treated me for various conditions, including chronic back pain, insomnia, stress, and high blood pressure (I was able to successfully stay off of high blood pressure medicine because of Wendy). Her treatments and recommendations, whether it be diet and exercise changes, Chinese herbs/medicine, or meditation always helped heal my conditions. Wendy is a healer who can convince a western medicine only believer to see the true benefits of eastern medicine. Her approach makes one feel like you can tell Wendy anything and she will find a way to help make you feel better. I always value Wendy’s advice and look forward to every session I schedule with her. I have recommended friends to Wendy throughout the years and will continue to recommend Wendy in the years to come. I hope others will have the wonderful opportunity to experience Wendy’s gift as a healer and get to know the amazing person she is.
“I have been a client of Wendy’s for almost 20 years and she continues to amaze me with the breadth and depth of her knowledge and her profound capacity to heal. When I first began to meet with Wendy, she used acupuncture and Chinese herbs to help with headaches and menstrual cramps. These quickly became a thing of the past and meeting with Wendy regularly helped to balance my energy and support my physical health. Later, challenges in my life led me to turn to her for emotional and spiritual help. By this time, Wendy drew on wisdom from kundalini yoga and the Four Winds to help me to heal. With Wendy’s support, I grew through adversity and came to feel a sense of peace and wellbeing despite a number of very painful relationships. When I met the man I would marry, I was ready to experience a joyful relationship. My husband and I asked Wendy to open the four directions and help us honor and celebrate the start of our life together. Wendy is a true sage, a wise woman, who is also completely contemporary. She has taught me so many things from her own unique perspective and her explanations have always been clear but never simplistic. When I injured my back some years ago and experienced a disturbing numbness in one of my shins, Wendy was able to explain better than my neurologist why I had this symptom (and she of course helped me to heal). More recently, when I began to have mild bladder problems after the loss of my father, Wendy taught me how to understand the symptoms from the perspective of Chinese medicine (and what to do about them), while also providing a thorough but succinct explanation of the anatomy of the bladder, that also explained my symptoms. And Wendy has the equivalent of a PhD in understanding the chakras and all things spiritual. I now live in Colorado and can’t see Wendy very often any more, although I visit her whenever I am in Cambridge. I have yet to meet a practitioner who is as gifted as Wendy and I sorely miss my time with her. I could not recommend her more highly.”
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