Online Shamanic Course

Join me on a transformative journey through the Medicine Wheel, an ancient system of healing and wisdom. We’ll explore the cardinal directions of South, West, North, and East, as well as the Earth below and the Sky above. Each direction offers unique insights and awakening opportunities.

About the Medicine Wheel

The Medicine Wheel is a profound and ancient indigenous concept that serves as a spiritual and healing guide across various Earth-based cultures. The four cardinal directions are central to this symbolic construct, each representing a unique aspect of human existence and our connection to the natural world. The South, West, North, and East directions embody distinct qualities, spiritual teachings, and animal totems.

  • The South, associated with the serpent, invites individuals to shed the stories that bind them to suffering, emphasizing intimacy with the world’s beauty.
  • The West, associated with the mighty jaguar, teaches integrity and liberation from ancestral constraints.
  • The North, embodied by the hummingbird, leads to soul reconnection and the fulfillment of one’s true destiny.

The East, symbolized by the eagle, opens a path toward self-actualization, and you learn to manifest and create a place of inner peace and liberation. The Medicine Wheel and its cardinal directions provide a profound framework for personal growth, healing, and spiritual awakening.

What to Expect?

You’ll gain powerful tools like:

  • Building a Mesa:A Mesa is a sacred bundle of items, often including stones, crystals, herbs, and other meaningful objects. It is a personal altar and tool for healing, ritual, and spiritual connection. Building a Mesa is a ceremonial and meditative process; each item within it holds significance for the individual’s journey.
  • Journeying to the Upper, Lower, and Middle Worlds: Journeying is a shamanic practice involving altered states of consciousness achieved through drumming, breath work, and focused awareness. It allows participants to explore different realms of existence: the Upper World for spiritual guidance, the Middle World for everyday insights, and the Lower World for connecting with ancestors and nature spirits. It’s a method of seeking these realms’ wisdom, healing, and guidance.
  • Travel to Past Lives:This practice involves exploring one’s past lives through meditation and visualization. It’s a tool for gaining insights into past experiences and traumas influencing one’s current life. It can help individuals understand patterns and karmic connections.
  • Illumination (a Healing Process):Illumination is a shamanic healing technique that removes energetic blockages and imbalances from a person’s luminous energy field (LEF). The LEF is believed to hold imprints of past traumas. Illumination helps release these imprints, promoting physical and emotional healing.
  • Soul Retrieval:In some belief systems, it is thought that when a person experiences trauma or significant life events, parts of their soul may fragment or become lost. Soul retrieval is recovering these lost soul fragments, reintegrating them to restore wholeness and well-being.
  • Destiny Retrieval:This practice is about reconnecting with one’s life purpose and true calling. It can involve deep introspection and guided journeys to help individuals understand and align with their unique path and destiny.
  • Ceremony:Ceremonies are rituals and sacred acts performed with specific intent. Within the Medicine Wheel context, ceremonies may be conducted to mark transitions, celebrate spiritual growth, or seek guidance and healing. They are a way of connecting with the divine and the natural world.
  • Sacred Rites: Sacred rites are traditional and ceremonial practices specific to the Medicine Wheel tradition. These rites vary depending on the culture and tradition, but they often involve honoring the elements, ancestors, and spirits of the natural world. They can be a source of wisdom, healing, and empowerment.

These tools are integral to the Medicine Wheel’s holistic spiritual growth, healing, and self-discovery approach. Each tool offers a unique way to access deeper layers of consciousness, connect with the spiritual, and address personal and ancestral wounds. They are designed to guide individuals on a transformative journey of self-exploration and empowerment.

Course Details

  • We’ll start this journey on Zoom, with the potential for in-person gatherings later.
  • Classes are held once a month on Sundays, from 10 AM to 1 PM. ¬†Videos of the classes will be available for review and for those who cannot attend the live class.
  • There are four classes in each direction; 16 classes for the whole medicine wheel.
  • The course fee for each direction is $240, and you’re encouraged to invite others.
Whether you’re new or revisiting, I look forward to this adventure with you.

Breathe deep and rejoice,
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