In-person Shamanic Weekends

Weekend Shamanic Workshop with Wendy Root and Linda Fitch

I invite you to join me and Linda Fitch for Shamanic Weekend Workshops. This is your opportunity for an in-depth experiential weekend exploring Ancient Wisdoms and Techniques that have the power to remove blockages and create flow in your life.

We usually have two workshops per year, one in the Spring and one in the fall. Below are listed some of our offerings. Our teachings continue to grow and evolve and new classes continue to emerge.

Co-teachers Wendy Root & Linda Fitch

WENDY ROOT- Healer, Shaman, Guide

Wendy Root is deeply rational, intuitive and creative.  In her shamanic teaching, Wendy weaves together her scientific background with the many wisdom tradition she has studied.  She is dedicated to helping each of her students discover the unique gifts of their unfolding consciousness.

Meet LINDA FITCH- Teacher, Shaman, And Coach

Linda L. Fitch, a highly accomplished educator, mentor, and coach, is strongly committed to disseminating wisdom, tools, and methodologies aimed at assisting individuals in their journey towards becoming the best versions of themselves.

Upcoming Events

Two New Offerings for 2024

Rivers of Light: 

An Experiential Exploration of Pathways of Lifeforce

Spring 2024 – West Falmouth

More Details coming soon

Living in Ayni: 

Creating and Maintaining Relationships

November 1-3, 2024 – West Falmouth

Details below

Spring 2024

$288 Early Bird

$350 regular

Rivers of Light: 

An Experiential Exploration of the Pathways of Lifeforce

In this class we will explore the Anatomy of the Light Body as taught by the Q’ero of Peru.  We will learn the practices of Saminchakuy, Saiwachakuy, and Hucha Miqhuy.  Drawing energy in through our Nawis (Energy eyes), and running it through the pathways of the light body.  We will be working with the untamed energy of creation (WILKA) and the pure ordered energy (SAMI) structuring it and blending it in our bodies as we install (or reinstall) the Bands of Protection


We will be heightening our capacities to feel the different qualities of energy flow.  We’ll practice running these currents though our bodies to cleanse and renew, and flower into our full creative power.  We will open the flow through the group – connecting us all together, and we’ll work in pairs to heal each other.


We will also explore in an experiential way some of the most potent Astrological influences of this moment in time, and you will connect with your star of destiny.


This will be a highly experiential class.


If this sounds intriguing to you – please let me know – And I will make it happen.


Wendy – 617-868-1117

Living in Ayni:

Creating and maintaining Right relationships

Early-Early Bird Special $480 – purchase by September 1, 2024

 Early Bird $550 – purchased by October 1, 2024 

Regular price – $620

In-Person Weekend Retreat

Living in Ayni:

Creating and Maintaining Right Relationships

Linda Fitch & Wendy Root –  Cape Cod, MA | November  1-3, 2024

Life is Relationship. 


Have you noticed that when you are in right relationship, life flows with ease and grace and that when you are out of sync, out of right relationship, obstructions and failure abound?  


When you are out of right relationship, it’s easy to feel stuck, disconnected from your soul’s longing, perpetually misunderstood, isolated … Students say this shows up for them in feeling trapped, caught juggling work, family, and self. They often battle fear, scarcity and feelings of not being enough. They feel untethered, doubt about being on their purpose, yet have a deep longing for daily connection to something greater.


In Living in Ayni; Creating & Maintaining Right Relationships, you will acquire specific, tangible skills and practices to create a life of connection, belonging and flow.  We will begin creating powerful and authentic relationship to yourself, then explore how to communicate in a way that creates connection and belonging  instead of separation and strife, then take a deep dive in connecting with spirit. 


We will examine the underlying beliefs in the modern world that keep us trapped in our individual selves. We will work on shedding those traps of the isolated self and open the gates to a world of belonging and mutuality without ever relinquishing your uniqueness.


Come explore, laugh, cry, play, and invite in relationship to self, other & spirit.


“Real intimacy is a sacred experience. It never exposes its secret trust and belonging to the voyeuristic eye of a neon culture. Real intimacy is of the soul, and the soul is reserved.”

— John O’DonohueAnam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom



I am because I relate

Please Join us on Cape Cod 

Friday 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Sat 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM.

Sunday 8 AM – 3:30 PM

Coves Edge: Our Retreat Venue.

Our Retreats take place in a beautiful residence on the Bay in West Falmouth. On-site Lodging Available

Previous Offerings

We are always developing new classes



Linda Fitch & Wendy Root –  Cape Cod, MA | October  20-22, 2023

Within all family systems, there exists a varying degree of old grief and trauma. When survival events, such as war, persistent poverty, religious trauma, or natural disasters are embedded in your family lineage, the process of healing can become intricate and met with formidable resistance.

The significance of your parents remains steadfast, regardless of whether they excelled at parenting or faced challenges. The ancestral narrative resides within you, coursing through your blood and bones. Even without conscious awareness, these traumas can leave an indelible mark on your life. Epigenetics has confirmed how trauma is inherited across generations, often with detrimental consequences. Family members frequently find themselves with limited resources to establish a harmonious connection with lineage systems rooted in the trauma triangle, often resorting to physical separation or avoidance as coping mechanisms.

However, unresolved family dynamics can manifest as energetic barriers, financial constraints, challenging relationships, or health issues. They resemble unconscious loyalties that, as shamans suggest, may persist for up to seven generations.

In this class, you will acquire specialized tools designed to release ancestral trauma, creating an opening for a harmonious connection that reverberates through time. This newfound freedom, guidance, and support will empower you to shape your future more positively.

Hear your ancestors calling?

Please Join us Cape Cod 

Friday 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Sat 9:00 AM – 8:00 PM 
Sunday 8 AM – 4 PM


Healing Techniques, Practices & Ceremony for Crossing and Grief

West Falmouth,  Cape Cod, MA

Join us for an all-encompassing exploration of shamanic death rituals and the timeless psychopomp work as passed down through ancient Shamanic traditions. This workshop caters to individuals seeking to delve into the profound journey of the soul as it departs from the physical body. It is also valuable for those engaged in various aspects of end-of-life care, including hospice workers, clergy, healthcare professionals, and healing practitioners.

Even if your work doesn’t directly involve those nearing death or you don’t perceive it that way, this class serves as a superb initiation into the tools and methods of shamanism.

Through experiential, interactive exercises you will learn:

  • Shamanic healing techniques and journeys to assist in letting go
  • Ceremony and Ritual for Crossing and Grief
  • A map to the afterlife as you journey beyond death
  • How to hold sacred space for someone crossing
  • Leaving the Body – an out of body experience (OBE)
  • How to journey across with someone as they take their last breath
  • Life review – clearing any regrets, saying the goodbyes and I love you’s
  • Walking another across to the light
  • How to develop your own power animal guide to assist in the realms of death

Contact:  Wendy Root  617-868-1117

Dancing with the Archetypes:  Healing The Personal & Shifting the Global 

Join us for a journey to engage with the Archetypes, those powerful energies that influence our lives and mold our perspectives of the world. Together, we will embark on an exploration to uncover, identify, and interact with these energetic forces that both guide and, when misunderstood, ensnare us.

When the archetypes shaping our world are perceived as wounded, we all bear the weight of that injury and inadvertently mirror it in our individual lives. At both the personal and global levels, we will delve into and invoke the timeless energies of archetypes, such as the Masculine, Feminine, Mother, Death, Justice, and the Collective. Using tools like tarot cards, astrology, myths, and images from popular culture, we’ll immerse ourselves in the living essence of the Archetypes, seeking to comprehend their needs, objectives in our current era, and how they, in turn, can transform us.

Join us for a weekend filled with ceremony, healing, and conscious co-creation. Working with Archetypes is akin to venturing into the realm of the divine. Let’s take this journey together and learn to engage in this mystical work consciously and with joy, for our own growth and for the betterment of our planet.
Local Contact:  Wendy Root   (617) 868-1117

Destiny Retrieval: The Master's Tools

Working with Destiny is the Shaman’s Calling

In every moment, our choices mold the path of our destiny. However, often, we remain unaware of the consequences of our day-to-day actions. In these intricate and challenging times, it is of utmost importance to possess the skills necessary for consciously shaping the course of our lives and envisioning a brighter future for the Earth and all its inhabitants.

This class not only equips you with the Master’s Tools for infusing vitality into a chosen path but also guides you in the process of resolving karma, personal trauma, and family-of-origin patterns that might be steering you towards a destiny incongruent with your highest potential.

Classic shamanic destiny retrieval involves the deliberate visualization and empowerment of one’s most optimal potential futures. Join us to acquire “The Master’s Tools” and learn how to enhance and actualize a chosen path with potential and purpose.

Location: Cape Cod (West Falmouth), MA

Dream Time - Divination, Guidance, Lucid Dreams, Dimensional Travel

Come dance in the magic of Dream


Dreaming doesn’t just happen while we sleep; dreaming is waking up to sources of guidance, healing, and creativity beyond the reach of the everyday mind. Our lives become richer and more abundant when we learn to become dreamers with our eyes wide open.

Join us to:

  • Experience the use of dreams for divination, health and healing
  • Enhance your skill of dream travel and how to journey beyond the body to other dimensions for guidance and to claim all parts of yourself.
  • Learn lucid journeying to work with Spirit through mastery of dream space.
  • Explore working with the place between sleep and wake to develop guides, experience heightened perception and creative breakthrough.
  • Discover the message of your dreams, and how the guidance applies to your daily life.

Walking Consciously in the Light - Tools to Release the Dark

with Linda Fitch and Wendy Root    

Much of what we see and experience in our world is created unconsciously in the energetic realm. We must develop our understanding of this energetic realm so that we may navigate the light and dark and consciously develop our power and protection.

In todays world, the division of dark and light has reached an almost unprecedented level. Having the skills to work with wisdom, safety and strength against anger, fear, negative thought forms, and sorcery has never been more important.

Join us to learn to walk consciously in the light and come into balance and right relationship with those things we have called dark.  Together, we will work with unraveling sorcery, curses, bindings, and negative thought forms.  We will develop skills to shift our self sorcery, and learn how to install protections that work.

Saturday 9am to 9pm – Sunday 9:00am to 4:00pm

Woods Hole at the Old Fire Station.

Old Fire Station, Woods Hole, MA

Visioning the Life You Desire - The Shaman's way of Seeing

with Linda Fitch and Wendy Root April 1-2 2017

This workshop on Awakening your Vision is a natural next step to the Sacred Space work covered in Medicine Wheel or Change Your Story, Change Your Life course and in the Sacred Time Class.  It can also be taken as a stand alone class or as an introduction to Shamanic work.

Tap into your intuitive wisdom and acquire the tools and techniques to become the master of your own life. Learning the skills of what to “see,” known as Tracking or Divination by the shaman, is vital to creating the life you desire. Join Linda Fitch to explore the power of traditional forms of visioning and uncover your own unique “medicine.”

This course will empower you with skills that will sharpen your vision and enhance your intuitive abilities. You’ll gain insight into crafting and using your personal divination tools, harness the wisdom of the natural world, and much more. Whether you’re new to the world of shamanic knowledge or an experienced practitioner, this course will empower you to become a skilled shamanic tracker.

Saturday 9am to 9pm – Sunday 9:00am to 4:00pm

Woods Hole at the Old Fire Station.

Mastery of Sacred Time

with Linda Fitch and Wendy Root

This workshop on Sacred Time is the natural next step to the Sacred Space work covered in Medicine Wheel or Change Your Story, Change Your Life course.  It can also be taken as a stand alone class or as an introduction to Shamanic work.

For thousands of years, shamans have known what physicists are proving today: that one can step outside of time, into a place where we can live differently and heal differently. In this place of sacred time, where time exists like a wheel, we can step into synchronicity, become more fully present in each moment, bend time, move backward or forward in time, even break free from the archetype of time itself.

Come learn the shaman’s skills of mastering sacred time. Experience the internal shift needed to move into a place of stillness and navigate the streams of time. Discover new ways of staying in the sacred to create and anchor in a destiny crafted with spirit from outside of time. Come build a new relationship with time to leap into a destiny of laughter, joy, peace, beauty and abundance for yourself and for the world.

Class length – Saturday 9am to 9pm – Sunday 9:00am to 4:00pm

The class will take place in Woods H
Purchase all four classes in advance with a 10% discount for $1,260.

Change Your Story Series

Change Your Story, Change Your Life

with Linda Fitch and Wendy Root

In these workshops, you will witness the transformative potential of shamanic energy medicine in reshaping your narrative and forging a new path toward your destiny.

We all aspire to craft lives filled with joy, health, purpose, and abundance. However, despite years of introspection, therapy, and personal growth efforts, many of us still find ourselves ensnared by the grip of old stories. In this workshop, you will personally encounter the potency of shamanic energy medicine to shift your narrative and forge a fresh destiny. I am thrilled to announce my collaboration with Linda Fitch in co-teaching this four-weekend course. Linda is an exceptional educator and a gifted shaman, and her presence here is truly a remarkable gift.

Class length – Saturday 9am to 9pm – Sunday 8:30am to 4:00pm

The class will take place in Woods Hole at the Old Fire Station.
Weekend One – Change your Story, Change your Life  
 Join us in harnessing the energies of the Earth, embarking on transformative journeys to connect with power animals, and investigating the patterns that have constrained you, all while acquiring the graceful art of releasing them. You will learn about Soul Retrieval and working with your Power Animal retrieve a Soul Part to help you move forward. You will explore shamanism and energy medicine and learn the powerful tools of sand painting, fire, despacho and ceremony to shift the old story and create what you want. Take the courageous step to rewrite your personal narrative and contribute to a new, empowered story for yourself and the world.

Purchase Weekend One, $350

Weekend Two – Exploring and Creating the Chapters of Your Story

Now is your sacred opportunity to venture deep into the different facets of your ongoing narrative—your physical well-being, relationships with parents, family, and friends, psychological and emotional aspects, your work, and your spiritual connection. Becoming a creator requires a foundation of inner stillness as your wellspring, necessitating substantial time dedicated to inner journeys.

Our journey will also involve the introduction of novel shamanic energy medicine skills, encompassing drumming, the engagement with power animals, rituals for processing grief and transitions, and meaningful ceremonies. Come be reborn to a new story and easily shift to a new vibration and journey.

Weekend Three – Manifesting Your New Story With Spirit           

Gracefully ascend to higher levels and examine the past patterns that have hindered the realization of your Soul’s Purpose. Discover new techniques to journey back to a time before these limiting patterns took hold, collaborating with time and guides from the upper world to craft a fresh narrative.

Delve into the principle of “As Within, So Without” as you contemplate your sole assignment from the spiritual realm—what you are here to manifest in this lifetime. Our exploration also encompasses the acquisition of additional shamanic energy medicine skills, including Celtic death rites and dreamtime practices.

Weekend Four - Walking a Path of Service with Spirit

Embark on an exploration of the evolving cultural changing paradigm of service versus sacrifice. This is a moment in time when prioritizing self-care becomes essential, enabling you to be fully present in the process of manifesting your desires and nurturing the evolution of your soul.

Looking at grids and memory will work with soul remembering to be fully here to step into the creator and dreamer. Our journey will include substantial periods of contemplation on the Earth and in the Upper World, where you will collaborate with teachers, guides, and power animals to incorporate the qualities required for the new narrative. With unwavering courage and the aid of ceremonial practices, you will attain a profound sense of peace and tranquility, akin to that of a master sage, by committing to a wholehearted alignment with the spiritual path.
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